Launch of the Essensia Sky health apartment twin towers

HO CHI MINH CITY Nearly 1,000 customers attended the launch event of Essensia Sky - the first health apartment twin tower in the Essensia South Saigon complex of Phu Long.

The launch event of the Essensia Sky twin towers of Phu Long was held on September 17 at the financial office building PVGas Tower (HCMC). The event had the participation of nearly 1,000 guests, all apartments of the first tower were ordered in the morning.

According to the representative of Phu Long investor, Essensia Sky has many advantages, located south of Saigon, easy access to international facilities such as RMIT University, Fulbright University, Ton Duc Thang, American and British international schools, Singapore. The project is also near Lotte supermarket, Vivo, Crescent Mall, FV Hospital. Essensia Sky has full legal, private design apartments only 6-10 units per floor.

In addition, the project also has internal utilities focusing on health care, rehabilitation, and macrobiotic eating for all generations in the family. In addition, the reasonable price compared to the high-end apartment product line on Nguyen Huu Tho street, along with a long-term payment schedule, and Phu Long's interest rate support policy are also factors that make customers interested in Essensia. Sky.

Nearly 1,000 guests were present at the launch event of the Essensia Sky tower. Photo: Khuong Duy

Mr. Klemens, a Swedish international businessman whose company is located in District 1, is one of the first customers to choose a shared apartment. .

"We feel that Essensia will be a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life, find a simple, natural and sustainable lifestyle like the Swedish Lagom philosophy," said Mr. Klemens.

As for Mr. Binh - an investor and long-time customer of Phu Long, the attraction of the project lies in the financial support package for buyers and investors. In addition, foreign customers are interested in the project quite a lot, with great rental potential.

Customers participating in the event can experience many health care activities. Photo: Khuong Duy

At the launch event, trading and exchange activities took place alternately between the green space. Customers can experience health care services and enjoy nutritious cuisine.

The representative of the investor said that these things help people envision an airy, fresh Essensia Sky, filled with nature and focused utilities for health care.

Mr. Anthony Simon Dowden - Project Director spoke at the event. Photo: Khuong Duy

Mr. Anthony Simon Dowden - Project Manager said that the design of Essensia Sky focuses on the health and wellbeing of residents with the goal of helping customers feel like they are living in a resort. The key criteria of the project are noted such as the large and luxurious exterior landscape area. There is a swimming pool, pedestrian access and bike lanes. Limit the number of apartments on the same floor. Focus on developing healthcare services.

And Mr. Richard Mark Leech - Deputy General Director of Phu Long, in charge of urban management shared that in urban management, the company combines the implementation of personal services with technology, ensuring residents People are well taken care of.

Perspective of green utilities inside the project. Photo: Khuong Duy

Essensia Sky, designed by Tange Associates (Japan), has an architectural style that blends aesthetic elements from the land of the rising sun and oriental culture. The project is boldly minimalist, increasing the openness, to create a living space in harmony with nature, creating a population that brings convenience.

Here, Essensia Sky residents enjoy fresh air, filled with nature and diverse facilities such as children's playground, meditation garden, library, high-class gym and spa, Constellation infinity pool , aerial pedestrian bridge. Besides, there is a health utility system with a family doctor's clinic, hot mineral pool, traditional medicine rehabilitation room, steam room, air purification system, automatic disinfection...

On the occasion of the sale, Phu Long launched many sales policies and banks financed up to 80% of the apartment value, maximum loan term up to 35 years, grace period of principal, interest free until receipt. home.

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