The attraction of the resort apartment line towards health

The coastal tourist apartment products in the project have complete utilities, help to regenerate energy, and are well received by many customers.

The need to own a second home is on the rise

After the pandemic, the criteria related to health and enjoying life are put on the top by customers in finding living space. According to the report "New trends in real estate 2022" of PwC - one of the top 4 auditing firms in the world, "vacation home" is one of the housing trends with growth. prominent in the North American market. According to a report by CBRE, in the US about 25 billion USD will be allocated to healthcare real estate this year, up 64% compared to 2021.

In Vietnam, the trend of owning a health-oriented tourist apartment is also being interested by many customers and investors. A recent consumer sentiment report by Batdongsan (a member of Popertyguru Group) shows that the majority of people who own at least one property share the intention to buy one more product next year, to have space. resting, re-energizing and family bonding.

According to Mr. Dinh Minh Tuan, Director of Property Guru Southern region, the strong impact of Covid-19 has promoted the trend of owning a second home in places with fresh nature. In particular, many families prefer to choose tourist apartments that are only 1.5 - 2 hours' drive from the "first house" to make it more convenient for short vacations or weekends. .

The coastal city of Vung Tau is chosen by many families as a place to own a second home. Photo: Shutterstock

Criteria for choosing a second house

Among many criteria for choosing a second home, the projects are located on the coast, surrounded by fresh nature, fresh sea breeze, bringing relaxation from mental to physical but still fully equipped. modern utility, is becoming the preferred choice of many families and investors. Especially projects located in the center of tourist cities, close to the existing utility ecosystem of the surrounding area.

Buyers also pay a lot of attention to the multi-function tourist apartment product line, both serving the needs of resort, living, or rental business. Owners can optimize capital through the rental business through a reputable operator, or actively lease on multiple platforms when not in use. Grasping this trend, Hung Thinh Land launched FiveSeasons Homes - a resort real estate brand built on health-oriented values, bringing a living space close to nature and emotional bonding for all families. The element of relaxation and enjoyment of life is also emphasized, with the goal of cultivating physical and mental health for residents.

Perspective of green space with infinity pool, sea view at FiveSeasons Homes - Vung Tau Central Beach project. Photo: Hung Thinh Land

Located at 300 Phan Chu Trinh, Ward 2, Vung Tau City, FiveSeasons Homes - Vung Tau Central Beach is the brand's starting project. The project is expected to provide the market with nearly 800 resort apartments integrating modern and synchronous utilities with conference rooms, restaurants, sky lounges, swimming pools, spas, children's play areas. FiveSeasons Homes - Vung Tau Central Beach takes advantage of the prime advantage right in the heart of Vung Tau city, near Thuy Van coastline with its frontage facing the sea, one side leaning against the green space of the high hills.

"Combining the advantages of location, nature and modern facilities, each FiveSeasons Homes project will bring second homes for health, towards a better life for the community," said the representative. Hung Thinh Land shared.

Perspective of the FiveSeasons Homes project - Vung Tau Central Beach. Photo: Hung Thinh Land

The project also marks the cooperation of Hung Thinh Land with Centara Hotels & Resorts (Thailand) - a brand that manages and operates a chain of 91 hotels worldwide. The experience from the international standard operation management unit promises to bring a second home with exquisite living and resort experiences, cultivating physical and mental health, meeting the needs of each resident. and visitors.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Real Estate Association, in the context that tourism is developing strongly and is expected to prosper in the near future, this is the right time to invest in owning an apartment. tourism households, anticipating the potential for added value in the future. Investing in apartments towards health values ​​is also considered a smart investment, in line with the general trend.

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