The first Vietnamese apartment project aimed at elderly customers

Around the tower there are wheelchair access, corridors and stairs with safety handrails, with more than 200 gardens designed along the building's body.

Ecopark Group has just introduced a tower for the elderly Meraki Residences located in Ecopark Urban Area - about 14 km from Hoan Kiem Lake. This is the opening project for the education - health - finance subdivision in the project, surrounded by a system of international schools, medical universities and hospital brands from Japan.

Design two towers of Meraki Residences. Perspective photo: Ecopark

Meraki Residences consists of two towers with a scale of one hectare, overlooking the 18-hole golf course of 50 hectares and surrounded by a grand park with more than one million trees. Not only benefiting from the existing green space system, the project also owns more than 200 overhead gardens, designed and arranged along the building's body.

"The density of enjoying green trees for each resident at the project is about 120 trees per person, good for the life and health of the elderly," said the representative of the investor.

With this project, Ecopark has cooperated with Archea Associati (Italy) - the design unit that has implemented famous projects such as the Italian healthcare center in Ponte di Legno, the Center for the disabled. and nursing homes in Russia..

"It took us nearly two years, just to determine the most suitable architecture, location to catch the sun and wind, research on the lifestyle and behavior of the elderly in Vietnam to tailor every detail for you. for the project", emphasized Archea Associati representative.

According to the investor, at Meraki Residences, 100% of the apartments have no main direction to the West, the tower is designed to maximize the Southeast direction to catch wind and natural light. Every detail in the project is designed and constructed safely for the elderly, for example, the design of wheelchair paths around the tower, corridors and stairs are arranged with handrails. In total, the walking paths are arranged with soft concrete and many trees.

The overhead gardens are designed and arranged along the body of the building. Perspective photo: Ecopark

In addition, the materials in each apartment are anti-slip, anti-slip, the construction details are not sharp edges... The elevator and lobby use face recognition technology (face ID), helping Elderly people use it without having to manipulate it manually and it is safe for young children when they come back to play and stay with grandparents.

"In addition to environmental and natural factors that help maintain a healthy daily life for the elderly, we also have to coordinate with special health care and operation units for residents," said the representative. representative of Ecopark investor emphasized.

At Meraki Residences, residents will be cared for 24/7 by a hospital brand from Tokyo (Japan), with periodic check-up packages by a team of 100% Japanese doctors. In addition, residents can also participate in health care training programs on intensive nutrition, cooking, elderly care... The most special feature of the project is that the emergency system will end connected to the hospital within 5 minutes, through emergency buttons equipped around the building and in each apartment space in the living room, bedroom and bathroom.

According to the Ministry of Health, Vietnam is one of the 10 countries with the highest aging rate in the world. According to statistics of the General Department of Population and Family Planning, the life expectancy of Vietnamese people is over 73 years old, but the number of years of healthy and active life is only 64 years old.

"That's why, developing an apartment model to improve the quality of life and health for the elderly is a desire that Ecopark Group has cherished and researched for a long time," said the representative of the investor. about the project idea.

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