The attraction of Monaco's bayfront mansion at The Sapphire Mansions

All Monaco subdivision residences at The Sapphire Mansions have a direct view of Ha Long Bay.

According to the owner of The Sapphire Mansions, DOJI Land, 10 detached villas in Monaco is the most expensive subdivision in the project. These are also rare bayfront villas that are both located in the center of Hon Gai old town and have an open view embracing the beauty of Ha Long sky and sea.

Monaco subdivision is located on a modern coastal road in Ha Long City. From the garden or each living space inside of each villa, the owner can fully admire the beauty of Ha Long Bay - one of the 10 most beautiful bays in the world, according to the travel website The Travel of Vietnam. Canadian vote.

The overall perspective of the Monaco mansion subdivision at The Sapphire Mansions. Photo: DOJI Land

The expensive view in Monaco is a harmonious and delicate combination between the blue of the sky and the vastness of the ocean creating a majestic natural landscape. Besides, the iconic works of Ha Long such as Bai Chay bridge, Queen's cable car, Sun wheel or high-class yachts... also contribute to adorn the scenery in Monaco more special.

The beauty of the vision of the Monaco mansion also changes with the time of day and night and the four seasons of the year, along with the movement of the tourist city. This is considered something that creates a special emotional experience for the owner that few projects on the market have.

In addition to the landscape surrounding the expensive wonder bay, the value of the Monaco subdivision is also reflected in its unique position as the last remaining bayfront villas located in the center of Hon Gai old town. The most direct view and closest to the bay in the total of 47 villas The Sapphire Mansions.

Perspective of the Monaco mansion at The Sapphire Mansions. Photo: DOJI Land

The prime location of the Monaco subdivision also contributes to the attraction and value of the project, bringing convenience in transport connections, convenience for moving, living and great growth potential in the future. future. The Sapphire Mansions in general and Monaco subdivision in particular are considered to be the perfect blend between the modernity of the dynamic, developing Ha Long urban area and the beautiful natural landscape inherent in the UNESCO-recognized land. is a world natural heritage.

With outstanding facilities and landscape, Monaco mansion is considered one of the most luxurious villa subdivisions in Ha Long for the elite. The investor is selling phase 3 with the most beautiful and scarce apartments in the project. In addition, this unit also applies attractive sales policies such as free management service packages for the first year, gift vouchers for purchases at DOJI stores with a value of up to 700 million VND.

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