Yoo Inspired by Starck brand is loved by global elites

As an influential contemporary designer, the Philippe Starck name became a trademark and his creations were desired by the public around the world.

In 2007, Philippe Starck appeared on TED Talk and was hailed as a legend of modern design. This title has been associated with him until now, along with a series of names such as "outstanding genius" ( The Economics Times , 2018), "superstar designer" ( Robb Report , 2019) or more recently, LeMonde newspaper (France) called him "a master of design", La Reserve magazine called him "one of the most famous designers on the planet"...

He is the most searched interior designer in the world with 500,000 searches per year, according to the 2021 statistics of Design Bundles.

Many products designed by Starck have become iconic: from lemon juicers to tables and chairs, from houses to hotels, yachts to space stations... His products are famous for their delicate combinations. between futurism, pragmatism and surrealism. This combination makes each product complete in form and optimal in function.

In which, the hotels directly designed by Philippe Starck and bearing his own brand - Yoo Inspired by Starck are destinations that evoke emotions and experiences. He has continuously revolutionized the world's hospitality industry since its first creations in the 1980s. And while the hotel industry has undergone many transformations, the hotels he created are living spaces distilled with friendliness, fun and interesting things.

The one who explores all limits

Master designer Philippe Starck. Photo: Starck.com

Throughout his career, Philippe Starck constantly explores all limits, surpassing conventional standards to create unique products, unique living spaces and timeless beauty. "Philippe Starck's designs are out of this world. Literally," commented CNN .

Recently, he and his colleagues have brought new life to the city of São Paulo (Brazil) with the project to renovate the Cidade Matarazzo area. Centuries-old buildings through the hands and mind of Philippe Starck turned into an upscale neighborhood lined with retail stores, residences, fine dining establishments and the luxury Rosewood São Paulo hotel.

Exquisite space at Rosewood São Paulo. Photo: Starck.com

"Rosewood São Paulo is comparable to any contemporary art museum in the world, the only difference is that it's open 24 hours a day," Forbes said.

This innovation contributes to putting São Paulo on the list of the best destinations in 2022 voted by Time magazine .

Not only Rosewood São Paulo, many hotel and residential projects of Philippe Starck have created new experiences in living space.

For example, his latest project is the 5-star La Réserve Eden au Lac hotel in Zurich (Switzerland). The hotel, which is more than 100 years old, was redesigned by Philippe Starck in a new way: modern, luxurious but still retains the original architecture with the same original poetry of the project.

Or, Khun By Yoo - Philippe Starck's recent project in Bangkok (Thailand) has opened up a new concept of luxury real estate in Thailand. Before that, names like Royalton New York, SLS Bverly Hills, Le Meurice Paris... changed the hotel industry thanks to Starck's distinctive design style.

After more than 50 years of work, but every product and space he designed makes the public express their admiration.

Yoo Inspired by Starck - the brand of sophistication

Khun By Yoo - the project to shake up the high-end real estate market in Thailand is a product of Yoo. This is the world's largest residential and hotel design brand founded by the legendary Philippe Starck and leading real estate developer John Hitchcox.

Khun By Yoo - The swimming pool is designed with a highlight in the middle of millions of stars in the sky. Photo: Sansiri.com

Yoo is working directly with design icons such as Marcel Wanders, Jade Jagger, Kelly Hoppen, Steven Leung, Sussanne Khan, Kate Moss and Mark Davidson to accompany the world's leading real estate developers. . In which Yoo Inspired by Starck - Philippe Starck's own brand at Yoo is especially popular with customers.

The French design legend often ignores the usual housing conventions to design living spaces with modern shapes, incorporating local cultural identities and matching the needs of homeowners. Yoo Inspired by Starck is not only impressive in design. The brand also creates a distinct lifestyle through comfortable spaces where people can come and get to know each other.

To date, he has completed dozens of projects around the world with the Yoo Inspired by Starck brand. Together with Khun By Yoo, this designer has successfully set new standards of comfortable, modern and iconic living. Famous projects of this brand can be mentioned as: Yoo Quito (Ecuador), Acqua Iquazu (Philippines), Yoo Berlin (Germany), Yoo Pune (India)...

According to a source, Yoo Inspired by Starck chose to design a project in Vietnam. A collection of villas with great space, and high-class beachfront experiences by design legend Philippe Starck will be launched soon.

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