Casa Del Rio is expected to create thousands of job opportunities

HOA BINH Benefiting from tourism potential and well-planned planning, the project is expected to create many job opportunities for people after completion.

On August 13, Trung Minh A new urban area in Trung Minh ward, Hoa Binh city was started with phase one under the commercial name of Casa Del Rio. The project has an investment capital of thousands of billions of dong with the planning orientation to become a high-class and unique resort urban complex.

Large-scale resort urban complex

Owning a scale of up to 142.1 hectares, Casa Del Rio offers 1,035 duplex villas, 392 detached villas, 250 semi-detached houses and 326 shophouses with low construction density. The project also offers a different experience by internal facilities such as Home Parents Services 24/7, meditation garden and yoga retreat, water music square, private club house, diverse 24-hour food and entertainment street by the river. Casa Station... The investor insists that he will maximize nature, maintain the cover of trees to create a fresh and relaxed urban overview.

With the orientation of developing into an "all-in-one" resort urban complex that fully meets the needs of living - entertainment - relaxation, the project promises to become a destination attracting the attention of many tourists. guests and locals alike.

Perspective of utility system at Casa Del Rio resort urban complex. Photo: Trung Minh

In addition, the formation of the internal utility system at Casa Del Rio is expected to contribute to changing the face of the city, opening thousands of jobs, developing human resources, improving living standards and improving the quality of life. improve income for many people. Besides, service and trade groups will also appear more and develop more strongly.

This will help people have conditions to exchange, learn experience in business and service industries, have more opportunities to find better jobs instead of just farming and production. Along with that, the shift to the trend of green real estate investment will bring many advantages to the Casa Del Rio project, creating potential profitable value for investors as well as owners.

Inheriting the common development advantages of the locality

Hoa Binh is located at the gateway to the Northwest region of Vietnam, possessing diverse natural resources, many beautiful landscapes such as caves and waterfalls... It also bears bold cultural vestiges of the Vietnamese people. ancient, associated with many epic imprints.

Thanks to the advantages of geographical location and available nature, this land is considered to have great potential for developing resort tourism. In particular, Hoa Binh city is considered an urban - industrial, socio-economic area of ​​the province, creating a driving force to pull other sub-regions to develop.

Perspective of 24-hour food and entertainment street by Casa Station river. Photo: Trung Minh

Casa Del Rio resort urban complex is considered as one of the key projects of Hoa Binh, with synchronous technical, social, civilized and modern infrastructure. This will contribute to changing the face of the city, developing tourism, creating a residential land fund to meet the demand for ecological housing along the Da River in Hoa Binh city. At the same time, increase the efficiency of land use and maximize the strength of resort tourism with local natural areas.

Many experts commented that the number of tourists and people's income thanks to the service tourism industry in Hoa Binh has grown at a good rate in recent years. Accordingly, the appearance of large-scale projects like Casa Del Rio will contribute to attracting more attention of investors and tourists. Thereby bringing great profits and promoting economic and social development for the whole province.

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