Technology Personalization : 9 best iPhone lock screen widgets

The usual bland iPhone lock screen is getting a big improvement starting with iOS 16 .

Using widgets on the lock screen, you can add information from various apps for a quick look. And with the iPhone 14 lineup , widgets are part of the Always On Display .

The following article will suggest you some of the best iPhone lock screen widgets available.

1. Launchify

Launchify offers a different kind of lock screen widget. Instead of information from an app, you can launch any app you can imagine from the lock screen. In just a few steps, you can choose which apps to add a lock screen and which picture to use. Along with the app icon, you can choose a custom image or icon. When done, simply tap the icon and the selected app will start immediately. With the iPhone 14 Pro series, you don't even need to unlock your iPhone.

The free version of the app will let you put two app widgets on your lock screen. Registration is required to use unlimited widgets. Subscribers can also add custom icons to apps and create custom apps to launch from the lock screen.

2. Apollo for Reddit

Apollo for Reddit is a unique app that really makes using the sometimes chaotic social network better. With just a few taps, you can customize your Reddit experience.

And the app is ready for lock screen with a large variety of widgets. One of the best options is the trending posts widget that allows you to choose a favorite subreddit along with a widget that will scroll through trending posts throughout the day. You can also choose a subreddit shortcut widget. Other cool options include a karma widget, a most recent posts widget, and even a widget that shows the total length your fingers have scrolled while using the app.

While the app is free, two subscription levels are available to unlock many features.

3. CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather is the all-around winning option when looking for a weather app. It's one of my favorite ways to bring interesting complications to the Apple Watch. So it's no surprise that the app also offers some great widgets for your lock screen.

There are more than 20 widgets to choose from. There are things like hourly and daily forecast charts, as well as smaller widgets with data points, and even CARROT's trademark snark.

This app is free some features. But to unlock the majority of app services and lock screen widgets, you will need to subscribe to one of the available tiers.

4. Flighty

Air travel is usually never a relaxing process. But the powerful app Flighty can always make sure you're on your flight. Offers a huge number of great features like live streaming data and even the ability to see where your plane is 25 hours before your scheduled takeoff.

Some great lock screen widgets you can choose from include the ability to see the countdown until your trip, arrival city weather, live flight status along with departure gate and time . The in-flight progress bar will even work offline.

The app is free and provides basic usage. Registration is required to unlock most features and get the most out of the lock screen widgets.

5. ETA (paid)

And when you're not flying, the ETA is a perfect way to see more information about your trip on the ground. Whether you are driving, walking, biking or using public transport, the app can show the travel time to any location.

So that makes it a perfect app to add widgets on the lock screen. There are 3 different options to choose from. A single location widget showing travel times and any delays on a route. Select it to see turn-by-turn directions in the selected navigation app. A live listing widget showing travel times to multiple destinations. Finally, the calendar widget will track your calendar for meetings with associated locations. If found, you'll see the travel time to the place and the expected time of leaving.

6. Pedometer++

Tracking your move goal can sometimes be difficult, even on the best of days. Pedometer++ lets you quickly and easily use your iPhone as a pedometer to track daily and weekly goals.

Awesome lock screen widgets help you see your daily progress without even opening the app. You can see daily steps, goal completion percentage/steps or steps/distance/floor in a widget..

7. LockFlow

With each passing year, Siri Shortcuts will provide a great way to maximize the way you use your iPhone. Surprisingly, Apple did not include a native way to launch Shortcuts from the lock screen widget. But the completely free LockFlow does a great job of filling the void. Just give the exact name of the shortcut you need to run, choose an icon that will appear on the lock screen, then add the widget to the lock screen.

8. Widgetsmith

You must have heard the name Widgetsmith before. The app helped kickstart the trend of customizing the home screen with new features in iOS 14 . So it's no surprise that the app is also a great place to customize the widget sections on the lock screen.

Just like the home screen, there are many different ways to customize the widgets on the lock screen. Some options include time, data, weather information, and even photos. With just a few taps in the app, you can create your own widget.

Although the app is free, you need a subscription to unlock additional themes and fonts and use the weather, air quality, and pollen data widgets.

9. Fantastical

Fantastical takes the regular calendar to the next level. Great app that can handle any meeting or appointment you might be in. Some of the features include natural language text parsing and time zone support.

The app's lock screen widgets keep you updated with upcoming events and calendar widgets.

The free version of the app allows you to easily manage basic events. Subscribing unlocks additional features like multiple calendars, additional customization and collaboration options.

Lock screen widgets provide a great way for iPhone users to see information that's important to them without even touching the phone.

And these apps are a great way to start customizing your lock screen.

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