How to change the default browser in Windows 10

In Windows 10 , the default web browser will be Microsoft Edge , the latest browser developed by Microsoft. However, even if Edge has many new features and improvements over its predecessor, Internet Explorer, you may still want to change your favorite default browser. So how to change the default browser here? Please follow the instructions below of the Network Administrator.

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Change the default web browser on Windows 10

Windows 10 allows users to change the default web browser on the system in an extremely flexible and simple way. With a few clicks, you can set Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave or any other browser you want as default.

After you set a specific browser as default, your Windows 10 PC will open all web links that you click with that browser. Of course, you can also change back to the default browser at any time if you want.

First, make sure that the browser you want to set as default is installed on your PC. Then, launch the Settings app by pressing Windows + i on your keyboard.

In the Settings menu that appears, click on the “ Apps ” item.

Next, from the sidebar on the left, click on the “ Default Apps ” item.

Click on the item “Default Apps”
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On the right pane, under the “ Web Browser ” section, click the current default browser. In the screenshot below, it's Google Chrome.

Click on the current default browser

You will see the “ Choose an App ” menu pop up, which lists the web browsers you have installed on your PC. Here, click on the browser you want to set as default.

Click on the browser you want to set as default

( Tip : You can return to this screen in the future to set another web browser as default).

It's all simply that. The default web browser on your Windows 10 PC has been changed. Repeat this process with any other web browser you want to use as the system default.

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