China launches its first electric yacht in cold regions

An all-electric smart tour boat has entered service on the tributary of the Songhua River in northeastern China.

The electric boat named Ling Hang Zhi Xing, about 27 m long and 6 m wide, is equipped with 4 lithium iron phosphate battery packs with a total capacity of 600 kWh, allowing continuous operation for 8 hours without charging. It has a total designed tonnage of 138 tons and can carry up to 53 people, China Science Daily reported on October 18.

Ling Hang Zhi Xing is designed for river cruises with speeds of 12 km/h. However, testing in deep and calm waters shows it can reach speeds above 18 km/h. The boat uses two 60 kW permanent magnet synchronous motors and high efficiency propellers.

Ling Hang Zhi Xing Cruise on the Songhua River tributary. Photo: Science Technology Daily

Electric-powered smart boats have the advantages of high efficiency, quick response and convenient maintenance. They have gradually become the main inland waterway transportation option in the southern provinces of China.

However, cold areas with temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius or below in winter negatively impact the battery and charging equipment performance of those boats. Ling Hang Zhi Xing is the first electric yacht designed to operate in the high latitudes of northeast China.

Researchers from Harbin Technical University, Harbin Electric Power Corporation, and Heilongjiang Shipbuilding Corporation have responded to this challenge by applying self-adaptive protection to the battery and the technology. Advanced energy management technology to improve the efficiency of the boat's generators in cold conditions.

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