Viva Land introduces Excellent Service department

This department will be responsible for enhancing the customer experience, contributing to creating an emotional connection between the product and the home buyer.

In the event "Harmony in balance - Harmonious balance" taking place at The Reverie Saigon hotel on September 9, Mr. Chen Lian Pang - President of Viva Land (organizer) introduced the department. Excellent service by this unit. According to Mr. Chen Lian Pang, services and experiences contribute to creating an emotional connection between products and homebuyers. Therefore, Viva Land has established a department to take care of and serve from the smallest details to bring a good experience to customers.

"Service will be one of our core values. This value is formed through the connection of all thoughts and actions of all members, and that is what makes Viva different. Land," emphasized Mr. Chen.

Viva Land's President introduced the Excellent Service Department. Photo: Hoang Minh

In addition to introducing the Service Excellence department, this unit also announced the core values ​​​​it will aim to include responsibility, teamwork, integrity, excellence. These values ​​are reflected in each member, action, and product of Viva Land, placed in a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity.

"That will be the guideline, helping Viva Land and its associates work together towards the common goals of the company," said Mr. Chen.

To do this, businesses have applied the three-P principle in services. It is about investing in people, improving processes, and innovating products to bring new experiences to customers. Since then, the company aims to become a prominent name in the real estate market.

4 core values ​​announced by Viva Land during the event. Photo: Viva Land

Within the framework of the event, Viva Land's representative announced more about the Viva Green brand with the task of implementing social responsibility (CSR) activities and will organize a number of community projects this year.

“This is one of our initiatives to become a socially and environmentally responsible company. Viva Land hopes to continue its journey towards community cohesion and creating new initiatives. good value for society", the business representative said.

Founded in 2020 by a team of experienced real estate professionals, Viva Land aims to create classy, ​​green spaces, contributing to social development. Currently, the company deploys and manages more than 1,500 hectares of land and more than 18,000 apartments and houses in many provinces and cities.

Through art performances at the event, the business also sent a message about the spirit of "Harmony in balance" which is a harmonious combination between inheriting traditional beauty with traditional style. in a modern way, creating a harmony between Eastern and Western cultures in the projects that the company undertakes.

In the next phase of development, Viva Land aims to become the leading international real estate development and management group in Vietnam. The unit will implement many plans in creating high-class, green living spaces, oriented to values ​​for the community.

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