The speed of the Google Chrome browser is about to be "dizzy" thanks to a new feature

The Google Chrome update brings a new feature that makes browsing on Android smoother.
According to TechRadar , loading times on Google Chrome will soon be much faster when Google releases a new feature called “Freeze Dried Tabs”, which stores tabs as snapshots.

In a Chromium blog post, Google claims that the new feature provides a "20% speed boost" in browser launches on Android devices.

“Freeze Dried Tabs” works by storing web page images as vector graphics and arranging and displaying them dynamically as the user scrolls through the site with hyperlinks, all will be encapsulated in a tab as a snapshot.

Large images are removed from these new tabs, and unused text in the font file (which can be as large as several MB) is removed to reduce page load times.

Google created a new feature that helps optimize Chrome speed by 20%.

During testing, Google discovered that “Freeze Dried Tabs” can optimize the time it takes to draft all the content of a page down to just 2.8 seconds from browser launch.

The company believes that the new technique used to load tabs will be particularly useful for transitions between web pages and for pages with particularly large content, which often take a long time to load. .

Google also claims that the layout of the tabs processed by “Freeze Dried Tabs” and the fully loaded pages are similar. This means that Google Chrome will be faster, since the transition from a snapshot to a full web page is a very subtle change.

Although the “Freeze Dried Tab” is only available on the Android version of Google Chrome at this time, the company is looking to push the feature on other browser versions in the future.

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