Prologue - Honda electric SUV revealed

For the first time, the Japanese car brand introduced an electric SUV, based on the platform developed by General Motors.

The Japanese automaker calls the electric SUV Prologue and has just released the first images, both exterior and interior, marking a major turning point in electrification.

Previously, in a joint announcement issued in April, Honda and General Motors (GM) will cooperate to develop electric cars. The Prologue is based on GM's BEV3 platform with an Ultium powertrain and battery management system. Therefore, the Prologue has the same chassis as the Chevrolet Blazer EV.

Prologue - Honda's first electric SUV revealed. Photo: Honda

Prologue is painted in pearl white (North Shore Pearl), a color developed by Honda specifically for the electric SUV. The car has a panoramic sunroof, 21-inch rims and a new Honda logo. The front end is inspired by the previously launched electric car, the Honda e.

Interior design typical Honda. The car is equipped with an 11.3-inch touch screen for the infotainment system. 11-inch digital clock behind the steering wheel with a new design, floating form. The Japanese automaker said that the passenger and luggage compartment space is spacious.

Prologue has a length of 4,877 mm, a width of 1,989 mm, a height of 1,643 mm. The wheelbase is 3,094 mm, similar to the Chevrolet Blazer EV. Compared to the Honda CR-V 2023, the Prologue's wheelbase is 203 mm longer and 127 mm wider.

As planned, Honda Prologue sold in 2024, the price announced at the same time.

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