How to Create a Webinar App Store | How does webinar work?

To own a webinar of your own, you need to choose an application service provider. It may be difficult to find a free webinar for long-term use, although most providers still support a free trial period of up to 30 days or longer. To host a webinar, there are a few things you will need to pay attention to first. Take a deep look below:

 1. Webinar structure
Most webinars are usually about 45-60 minutes and involve presenting a specific topic, Q&A section with audience, and sales section at the end.

First you will need to think of a topic for webinar. Your topic should care about your audience, it should be mentioned in the list of frequently asked questions and benefits for your customers and followers. Topics must be relevant to your business if you plan to use it as a marketing or sales tool.

Once you know what your topic is, you'll need to sketch and create a slide deck using a program like PowerPoint or Keynote. A template available on Envato Elements is a great way to create a quick but professional slide deck.

You will need to create a marketing plan that will promote the webinar to your audience.

After you have paid attention to these details, now is the time to review the specifications.

2. Technical requirements
When it comes to technical requirements, you will need to consider the following:

Webinar platform
One of the first options you will have to make is your webinar platform. It's an indispensable platform to choose from, from free to paid, depending on your budget.

Almost all have paid interactive features like live chat, polls, the ability to share your screen and webcam and more. They also provide the ability to record webinars and set up an automatic playback schedule. Prices will depend on the number of participants present. Some of the most popular platforms include WebinarJam, Webinar Ninja, Demio and others.

If you have the budget, you can use YouTube Live to host a free webinar. To do this, you will need to set up a YouTube channel first. The downside of using YouTube Live is that you cannot set up automatic playback like the webinar has recorded, but you can download the recording from your YouTube channel and reuse it as a technical product. number.

You will also need a camera so your audience can see you. This allows you to create a good relationship with them and add personalization to your brand. You can use the webcam if you have nothing else, but remember that you don't have a lot of control when doing on the webcam.

You can also invest in a professional USB webcam or even take advantage of a professional video camera if you have one. The latter options give you additional control over the position of the camera and can be used with software that adds extra functionality or allows you to fine-tune details such as brightness, contrast and other settings. others.

The next requirement is that you need a microphone. As with the camera, there are many options from using a USB microphone to make the microphone more clear. The choice again, depends on your budget as well as personal preferences, but keep in mind that you will get better sound quality with an integrated microphone.

Internet connection
Ultimately, your internet connection will play a role in your webinar quality. Ideally, you want to download and upload speeds at least 4 Mbps and the optimal speed is 15 Mbps.

Check your internet speed with a tool like and discuss with your ISP the possibility of upgrading your plan if needed.

3. How to join the webinar
How your audience participates in the webinar depends on the platform you choose. Some of them will ask attendees to download a small app first and enter their registration details.

Some platforms will require a special link to be emailed to them before the webinar starts. On some platforms, your audience will be able to call and attend by dialing a specific phone number.

Remember to read through the documents of your chosen platform so that you can set up all the emails you need to make sure your audience doesn't miss webinar.

  4. Post a Webinar tracking page
Finally, after the seminar is over, you will want to get your audience registered but not visible. You can send them the link again and give them a limited time frame like 24 or 48 hours to watch the recording.

You can also send a special email offering if your webinar focuses on a sale and reminds them when the offer expires.

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Improve your business with Webinar
 Whatever your business, you can realize the benefits of taking advantage of webinar. Now that we have answered the question, "What is webinar", you are ready to create your own webinar. With the tips in this article and the rest of our webinar series, you will become a webinar expert in a short time. Start using webinar in your business to connect with your audience, set your expertise and achieve your sales and sales goals.

Slide show: Webinar implementers can make presentations through MS PowerPoint or Apple's Keynote, just like you would in a regular classroom, meeting room, or conference presentation.

Broadcast videos online: Webinar owners can display videos stored on their computer or in a searchable online format, such as uploading videos to YouTube.

Communicate directly with viewers: Webinar uses VoIP to stream audio in real time.

Record feature: Webinar usually provides options that allow the owner to record the entire presentation process - including the entire audio and video.

Editing features: Users can use the mouse to create notes, highlight important items on the slideshow screen.

Chat feature: Organizers can open a chat box to exchange messages with the audience, this feature is especially useful for audiences who want to ask questions.

Conduct surveys and polls: Some parties provide webinar platforms that support the ability to create surveys in the form of assessment quiz for audience participation in the program.

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