How are the competitors of iPhone 11 now?

Launched at the same time as iPhone 11, smartphones such as Galaxy Note10, P30 Pro, Xperia 1 have now stopped selling, appearing in drops on the second-hand market.

The above-mentioned phones were released in 2019, in the context of the mobile market in Vietnam still having exciting competition between big brands such as Apple , Samsung , Huawei , Oppo .

After three years, the market changed a lot and some models almost disappeared. Meanwhile, iPhone 11 versions are still being sold for the lowest price from 11.5 million VND, even becoming one of the best- selling products .

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Galaxy S10+ was brought to Vietnam in February 2019, being the first high-end model to be launched that year. The device has the most expensive price of 34 million VND, of which the most popular version is S10+ 8 GB RAM, 128 GB memory, using Exynos 9820 chip for 23 million VND. The product stands out thanks to its 2K resolution edge-to-edge screen, dual selfie cameras located inside.

In early 2020, when the S20 was released, the above model was reduced by some dealers by about 7 million VND, to 15 million VND. By the end of 2020, the product gradually disappeared from genuine store shelves in Vietnam after less than two years. Currently, Galaxy S10+ only has hand-carried or used goods, priced at VND 5-6 million.

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro launched in April 2019, was one of the pioneering camera phones at that time. The device has a cluster of four cameras with the highest resolution of 40 megapixels, 5x optical zoom and 50x hybrid zoom. The starting price of the product is VND 23 million for the 8 GB RAM version and 256 GB internal memory, Kirin 980 chip.

Just a few months later, Huawei was in big trouble when Google stopped licensing Android. P30 Pro accidentally became one of the remaining high-end devices of the Chinese phone company that can use Android normally. The product was still chosen to buy by photography enthusiasts in Vietnam, maintaining a stable price of over 20 million VND, before stopping selling in Vietnam only a year later. In mid-2020, Huawei released a refreshed version of the P30 Pro with different colors, but not sold in Vietnam.

Currently P30 Pro still appears on the used machine market, with a price of 7-8 million VND for a "like new" product. However, the device only stops at Android 10.

Oppo Reno 10x

Reno 10x Zoom launched in June 2019, priced at VND 21 million and belongs to the high-end machine segment in Vietnam. Unique product in selfie camera "poking out", lens capable of 10x optical zoom, Snapdragon 855 chip with 8 GB RAM, battery that supports VOOC super-fast charging technology.

After about 4 months of being on the market, Reno 10x was reduced by 4-5 million VND by some dealers, bringing it down to the high-end segment. The device then also disappeared from the stalls in Vietnam.

Up to now, the product is priced at about 5-6 million VND on the second hand market. The Reno brand is now also used for mid-range Oppo products.

Galaxy Note10+

Galaxy Note10+ launched in August 2019, was a direct competitor to the iPhone 11 models at that time. The product costs 27 million VND, while the iPhone 11 appeared two months later for between 22 and 26 million VND.

Note10+ is highly appreciated for its large 6.8-inch screen, thin bezel, 2K resolution. The device has 12 GB RAM, 256 GB internal memory and S Pen. After a year of being on the market, Note10+ was once heavily discounted by some dealers to about 17 million VND, before the Note20 was launched.

By the end of last year, some small dealers still sold this product at VND 15-17 million, but the quantity was not much. Up to now, Note10+ only appears as an old machine, priced at about 7 million VND. The Galaxy Note line was also killed by Samsung.

Sony Xperia 1

After a period of absence from the market, in September 2019, Sony returned to Vietnam with the Xperia X1 model priced at 23 million VND, in the same segment as the iPhone 11. The product is special in owning a unique design with 21: 9 aspect ratio screen, 4K resolution and no notch.

Unlike competitors, Sony does not advocate promoting this model, only selling in small quantities at its stores. Sales of the product were also not disclosed. To date, the product has been discontinued genuine. The machine appeared on the used market in a small quantity, priced at about 3-4 million dong.

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