Health and spiritual value from the second house project in Vung Tau

BA RIA - VUNG TAU FiveSeasons Homes - Vung Tau Central Beach project has a location connecting nature, bringing many health values, improving the quality of life for residents.

As living standards increase, more and more people are interested in the quality of living space and the values ​​​​for physical and mental health. According to a McKinsey report, 50% of people surveyed put mental health as one of their top priorities right now.

Vietnamese families are increasingly interested in physical and mental health. Source: Shutterstock

Understanding these things, Hung Thinh Land has launched the FiveSeasons Homes - Vung Tau Central Beach project, built according to the model of a complex of tourist apartments - hotels - commercial and entertainment services, bringing many amenities. Mental health and wellness benefits for the whole family.

Prime location in the heart of Vung Tau

FiveSeasons Homes - Vung Tau Central Beach was developed to become a second home, a place to connect people with nature and connect family feelings. At the same time, this place also offers a relaxing experience, helping to regenerate life energy and find balance in each person.

Perspective of the FiveSeasons Homes project - Vung Tau Central Beach at night. Photo: Hung Thinh Land

Each apartment at FiveSeasons Homes - Vung Tau Central Beach is equipped with large glass doors and large balconies so that residents can enjoy dual views of both the sea and the hills. According to the sharing from the investor, the design close to nature at the project helps the owner to see the green trees, the sea surface, receive the natural sun and wind and breathe fresh air every day. This is considered an effective therapy to help purify the body and mind.

In addition to the advantage of the surrounding natural landscape, FiveSeasons Homes - Vung Tau Central Beach also has a convenient location for travel thanks to its location in the center of Vung Tau coastal urban area. From the project, residents can easily connect to famous landscapes and resorts such as Bai Sau beach, Ho May tourist area, Nghinh Phong cape...

The project is also reasonably designed to bring nature into the living space with park landscape and internal greenery system. In addition, residents can also exercise, take care of their mental health through modern facilities such as relaxing spa, gym, swimming pool, Kid Club ... from the first floor to the 21st floor.

Perspective of the FiveSeasons Homes - Vung Tau Central Beach project during the day with the surrounding sea and hill landscape. Photo: Hung Thinh Land

Along with the advantages for health and spirit, residents at FiveSeasons Homes - Vung Tau Central Beach can also increase their monthly stable passive income thanks to the apartment rental business when there is no need to use it. . Customers can combine with the management unit Centara Hotels & Resorts or do business on their own on accommodation rental platforms and applications.

Trends of investment in health in Vietnam

According to the results of the sustainable economic development assessment conducted by the management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group, Vietnam is one of the countries that have the ability to transform the level of economic prosperity into the quality of life. of the people is quite high. From this fact, health-related products and services have always attracted the attention of many individuals and families.

Besides, the demand for living space in harmony with nature to rest, relax and nurture physical and mental health is increasing. This also contributes to an increase in demand for second homes located in tourist destinations with fresh natural landscapes.

FiveSeasons Homes - Vung Tau Central Beach developed by Hung Thinh Land in the center of Vung Tau City attracts the attention of many families thanks to the convergence of all the elements of a second home. The project is highly appreciated for its green living space connecting with nature, wide views of the sea and hills, and a variety of health facilities, helping customers to enjoy a peaceful life and nurture healthy values. spiritual value, along with economic value.

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