FPT Smart Cloud and Microsoft support business digitization solutions

With Microsoft 365, businesses can digitize data, move towards building automation processes easily without a programming background.

In the last two years, digital transformation has gradually become a global trend and exploded in Vietnam under the impact of Covid-19. Experts assess that this is a condition to help businesses cope with new challenges, and at the same time quickly recover and expand production and business and improve competitive advantages after the pandemic. However, the business community, especially small and medium-sized groups, is still very confused with digital transformation.

In Vietnam, FPT Smart Cloud is Microsoft's first-tier business partner and gold partner. With this role, the unit helps small and medium businesses (SMBs) more easily access the Microsoft ecosystem. The company also provides system assessment service packages and in-depth training. Through these activities, FPT supports strategic consulting orientations for businesses, at the same time improving human capacity and effectively exploiting technology resources at the unit.

Microsoft 365 is one of the leading platforms for organizations and businesses. Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft 365 is one of the leading technology platforms for organizations and businesses, with a user base of more than 731,000 businesses in the US and 187,000 businesses in the UK. Online applications and services encapsulated in one experience, helping units standardize the digital platform, improve management and operation efficiency.

Specifically, SMBs can use Microsoft 365 to build a synchronous working environment and smooth operational processes in the digital space. A complete ecosystem of office applications, teamwork platforms along with SharePoint and OneDrive cloud data storage solutions to easily meet the needs of standardizing organization and operation, thereby optimizing productivity. productivity, efficiency, even in remote working conditions.

Businesses can automate even without a programming background. Photo: FPT Smart Cloud

Microsoft 365 helps businesses solve IT infrastructure and capacity problems. Using AI to mine data and perform advanced tasks, Microsoft Power Platform provides a full suite of products including analytics, data visualization, process automation or communication bot development, mining. effectively exploit resources, give appropriate development orientation.

Advanced comprehensive security solution that protects businesses on four levels: data, devices, applications, and user identities. Instead of researching and experimenting on their own, taking advantage of available technology platforms helps SMBs save time and effort to quickly transform digitally.

Solutions from FPT Smart Cloud help businesses operate more efficiently. Photo: FPT Smart Cloud

According to a survey by the Association of Information Technology Software and Services (Vinasa), 99% of small and medium-sized enterprises have difficulty in capital, so they often consider digital transformation as the "playground" of the big guys. Some other challenges such as limited technology capacity and infrastructure; digital transformation process is not standardized, lacks strategy and linkage; lack of human resources. From this situation, FPT Smart Cloud brings many solutions to make the digital transformation process faster and more efficient.

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