Digitizing Blockchain: The 'father' of Dogecoin is annoyed with Elon Musk

Jackson Palmer, the co-founder of Dogecoin, said he was annoyed when Elon Musk supported and promoted the digital currency.

"I've been annoyed since Musk announced the Doge Mission to the Moon in the middle of last year," Palmer said in an interview with Business Insider on September 9. "It's been exhausting me so far. I wish when something went wrong with Dogecoin, Musk and Dogecoin co-founder Billy Markus, I didn't get dragged into those stories."

Jackson Palmer (left) and Elon Musk. Photo: Bloomberg/Reuters

According to Palmer, he has had to delete his social media accounts in the past to avoid being disturbed, "but it continues to stick like an unpleasant smell".

Palmer is a former Adobe software engineer. He said he's not surprised that Musk has been promoting Dogecoin on Twitter since 2019. "He seems to be close friends with Billy Markus, that's why Dogecoin is hyped," Palmer said.

He also thinks that Musk's constant mention of Dogecoin is a tactic to create attention, a means of "attracting communities", making them worship him. "Everything benefits. He's building an army of his own," Palmer insisted.

This isn't the first time Palmer has made nasty comments about Musk. Midway through this year, he told Crikey that Musk dishonestly earns money by defrauding people. "Musk is really good at pretending to be knowledgeable. That shows very clearly with Tesla's promise of fully self-driving cars," he criticized.

He also suggested that Twitter users may be fascinated by Musk's posts and want to make friends or get rich by collaborating with him. "About a year ago, when Musk was saying something about cryptocurrencies, I said he was and always will be a scammer. But the world loves scammers," Palmer commented. "They love the idea of ​​being a billionaire one day. And that's the dream Musk is selling."

Musk then replied that Palmer knew nothing about programming. "Palmer always forgets that he never wrote any Dogecoin-related code," Musk said.

Dogecoin was born in 2013, and Palmer parted ways with the project in 2015. He once predicted that cryptocurrencies have no future, warning that buyers could face increasingly sophisticated fraud methods. In fact, the purpose of creating this coin meme and the team behind it is mainly to "troll" the cryptocurrency world and see it as a joke.

Meanwhile, Musk has actively promoted Dogecoin over the years and contributed to the strong appreciation of this coin. After each of his tweets last year, Dogecoin has always increased hundreds of times. And this year, Musk seems to be "out of breath" when it comes to this token a few times, but it only increased a few percent, then dropped again.

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