Citroen Oli concept - paradoxical electric pickup

The concept electric car looks like it's running in reverse, as the front end looks like the back of a pickup truck.

Citroen Oli, made from recycled and reused materials, is also the first product to wear the new Citroen logo before applying it to mass-produced vehicles from 2023.

Citroen describes Oli (pronounced "all-e" in English) as a laboratory on wheels. The pickup has a body that is contrary to the usual, including a vertical windshield, the front of the car looks like a trunk, while the rear trunk has a modest capacity. Therefore, Oli seems to be more aerodynamic if going backwards. But Citroen says it has equipped the concept with an air outlet system on the bonnet to reduce wind resistance.

The Oli's front end is taken from Citroen's current lineup, without a new grille or logo. In particular, the new logo has a red color similar to the windshield rim, rim cap, accents on the bumper as well as the entire cabin. C-shaped LED headlights with integrated air vents and LED taillights of the same shape.

The front end of the Oli looks like the tail of a pickup truck, in the form of a closed lid and vertical windshield. Photo: Citroen

Front and rear shock absorbers have personalized plastic details, underbody panels, and unique lighting systems. The side windows cannot be opened, while the rear glass can be lowered. The futuristic rims are made of steel and aluminum, fitted with durable Goodyear Eagle GO tires.

The highlight at the rear of the car is the rear box made from recycled cardboard (like the bonnet and roof). The rear bin can also be removed and extended from 697 mm to 1,050 mm thanks to the folding lid.

In the cabin are 4 independent seats with red interior. The seat - made from TPU with a 3D printed backrest - is mounted on a tubular frame that attaches to the floor via an independent damping night system. This setup uses less detail than a traditional car.

Detachable Bluetooth speaker system. And instead of large screens, Citroen designed a phone holder, 5 climate control buttons, USB sockets and a handy shelf made of Elastollan material. Oli also has a screen called Smartband that displays information at the base of the windshield. All functions are via the joystick mounted on the steering wheel.

As a pure electric car, but Oli's weight is only 1,000 kg. Thanks to an energy consumption of only 10 kWh / 100 kg, the concept has a journey of 400 km per charge, with a 40 kWh battery capable of charging 20-80% in 23 minutes. The car is also equipped with V2G (connects the car to the grid) and V2L (helps to charge some other electrical devices).

Citroen hasn't released more details about the electric motor, but the Oli is said to have a top speed of 110 km/h, prioritizing efficiency over performance.

To extend the life of the car, Citroen designed the Oli to be renovaable instead of replaceable. Vehicles that are no longer operating will be used for parts, helping other Oli cars to continue rolling on the road.

At this point, the Oli is still just a concept car, but the French automaker says the world can expect to see "concepts, design details and interiors appear in future commercial vehicles." ".

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