America develops internet in space for faster data transmission

US aerospace technology company Lockheed Martin and the Filecoin Foundation are combining to put Blockchain on spacecraft to build a high-speed data sharing internet.

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"We are working with Lockheed Martin to create an open source Blockchain (supply chain) network that can be accessed in space. It is expected to be tested in August," a representative of the Filecoin Foundation revealed at the event. on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum took place recently in Davos - Switzerland.

The Blockchain technology used in this project is based on the IPFS protocol, aka the interplanetary file system. IPFS protocol allows network nodes to store and share data at high speed. It is currently used by the Filecoin Foundation in digital payments and a cryptocurrency of the same name.

When put into space, this protocol supports the transmission and storage of information to create a network like the internet but less dependent on the network from the ground, the data will not be retrieved based on location but retrieved from whatever is closest to the user should improve data transmission latency.

IPFS protocol emulation. Photo: Filecoin Foundation

"We needed to develop the technology to be able to stay in space for a long time without being completely dependent on communications and storing data on Earth. By reducing the number of times data had to travel to Earth and back in space, the IPFS decentralized storage model makes transmission and communication more efficient. It also reduces the risk of information, for example in the event of an urgent need to send instructions." Lockheed Martin President Joe Landon said.

Lockheed Martin and the Filecoin Foundation will soon define a spacecraft platform to host IPFS and test data transmissions to and from Earth and other spacecraft. "The test is expected to be conducted in low-orbit, near-Earth space before expanding," the source said.

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